Membership Qualification & Application Details

All memberships expire on December 31st each year.

The window for recertification for the following year is open from October 1st to December 31st. 

There is a $25 Late fee for renewals received on and after January 1st.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to submit their application for renewal (+12 CE credits for Certified Members) sooner rather than later to ensure timely processing.

Managers that wish to use the Job Board can reach out to RIVTA at [email protected] to get the first posting for free, but managers are required to apply for Associate Membership if they wish to access the job board on their own for posting jobs and reading posted resumes.

 Types of Membership:

NEW Certified Members: An individual that has taken and passed the VTNE and is applying for certification in the state of RI. New members will also need a written letter of recommendation from someone in the veterinary industry. This applies to those transferring certification from another state, and new graduates from AVMA-accredited Veterinary Technology programs. New grads will need to submit a copy of their transcript or diploma. For more information on the steps to take, see I Graduated, Now What? $50 for the first year.

BEGINNING JANUARY 1ST, 2024: RIVTA will no longer be accepting indirect or alternative pathways for New Certified Members. Only applicants who have attended an AVMA accredited program and have taken and passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) will qualify for New Certified Membership. 

New Graduates from AVMA accredited programs applying for New Membership do not need to submit Continuing Education (CE) credits for at the time of new membership application, however members can upload CE credits and certificates at any time after approval!

New Grads who apply for certification before October 1st will be required to submit 12 hours of CE credits at the end of the calendar year for membership renewal the following year.  

New Members who are Transferring Certification from another state are required to submit 12 hours of Continuing Education Credits at the time of application. CE credits may be used from the current year or the previous year, as long as they have not been submitted for credit before. 

If applying for new certification as a grad or transfer after October 1st, you will not be required to submit any CE credits for to renew for the upcoming calendar year. 

*Starting January 1st, 2024:

*If applying for new certification between March 31st and June 30th, you will be required to submit proof of 6 hours of CE credits

*If applying for new certification between July 1st and September 30th, you will be required to submit proof of 3 hours of CE credits.

New Certified Member Application

Renewing Certified Members: A current CVT and member of the RIVTA looking to renew their certification and submit their 12 hours of required Continuing Education credits; 6 in-person, 6 online. Members should upload their Continuing Education Certificates directly to their member profiles prior to renewal. For more information on Continuing Education and how to upload your certificates, click here. $40/year

Renewing Certified Member Application

Transferring CVT: A current CVT, LVT or RVT in another state seeking to transition to a CVT in RI, also see new certified member. Requirements are:

  1.  Transfer your VTNE Scores through the AAVSB to Rhode Island or upload them to the application
  2.  Submit a letter of recommendation from a supervising veterinarian
  3. Submit 12 hours of Continuing Education credits; 6 in person, 6 online within 1 week of application approval. For more information on Continuing Education, click here. $50/year
Transferring CVT Membership Application

Associate Membership (Not Certified): Any member of the veterinary community that would like to participate in RIVTA. Associate membership applies to non-CVT members, technicians credentialed in another state, veterinary assistants, veterinarians, office staff, etc. New applicants and renewing applicants use the same form for associate membership.  $35/ year

Associate Membership Application


Student Membership: A current student of an AVMA accredited program that would like to participate in the RI Veterinary Community. New applicants and renewing applicant use the same form for membership. Student membership is free!

Students! Also check out our Scholarship opportunity!

Student Membership Application
Student Scholarship Info